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    DOST-1 displays support for 2024 National Time Consciousness Week

    IN a concerted effort to bring scientific information and technological advancements closer to the people, the Department of Science and Technology Regional Office No. 1 (DOST-1) collaborated with DZAG Radyo Pilipinas Agoo to present the 1st Episode of the radio program “Tekno Presyensya: Syensya ken Teknolohiya para kadagiti Umili 2024” on January 11, 2024. 

    The event took place via the Zoom platform and Facebook Live and was broadcast live on DZAG Radyo Pilipinas, Agoo FM radio. The episode centered around the 2024 National Time Consciousness Week, themed “G na G, Oras Pinas para sa Bagong Pilipinas,” featuring Engr. Mario M. Raymundo, chief of the Astronomical Publication and Planetarium Unit of DOST-Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA). 

    Raymundo initiated the discussion, delving into Philippine Standard Time laws, including presidential decrees and republic acts. He showcased the advanced timekeeping equipment utilized by PAGASA, such as the Hewlett-Packard 5071 A (Cesium Clock) and Microsemi S600 (Rubidium Clock), highlighting their remarkable accuracies. 

    The discourse also covered the International Date Line (IDL) and distinctions between International Atomic Time (TAI), Universal Time (UT or UTI), Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), and Philippine Standard Time (PhST or PHT). 

    Raymundo stressed the significance of standard time. He highlighted its role in facilitating smooth operations across various sectors, from business and banking to legal processes and education. 

    Raymundo introduced the timeless sundial as a device that reflects the time based on the shadows cast by the sun. Philippine sundials are strategically located in Tagudin, Ilocos Sur, UP Diliman, Quezon City and PMA Baguio City. 

    To sum up, the engineer underscored, “Time is important because it is the one thing we can never get back. Once it’s gone, it’s gone and we can never get it back. He explained the deep importance of time in our lives. Allan Mauro V. Marfal, Information Officer III of the DOST-Science & Technology Information Institute (STII), with Raymundo, stressed that the observance of time consciousness extends beyond a week, urging continuous awareness throughout the year. They gave importance to respecting and valuing each other’s time for individual and collective productivity. 

    Marfal encouraged youth involvement in promoting the significance and value of time, urging them to be active and productive across various platforms, including social media. 

    The initiative seeks to instill a sense of responsibility and efficiency in the younger generation, ensuring they recognize the value of time in shaping a progressive and dynamic society. 

    In this initiative, DOST-1 stands as a strong advocate of DOST-PAGASA & DOST-STII in promoting public awareness of Philippine Standard Time and reminding everyone of the importance of valuing and using each other’s time wisely to be productive at all times. ( Christian Dominic Casimiro)



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