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    DOH: Lifestyle can contribute to increase in sugar level

    CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY (PIA)–Milk teas, cakes, chocolates, and everything sweet can contribute to the rise of anyone’s sugar level, which can lead to diabetes if not controlled, shared an official from the Department of Health (DOH)-10.

    Dr. Tristan Jediah Labitad, head of the non-communicable diseases cluster of DOH-10, shared in KonsulTayo, a health forum, that Region 10 as of the first quarter of the year have already recorded 1,405 cases of diabetes.

    Diabetes is an illness where the blood sugar level of one person is higher than average. A person may be diabetic when his or her fasting blood sugar, or sugar level is greater than or equal to 126 mg/dl or if a random blood sugar level of more than or equal to 200 mg/dl.

    There is also pre-diabetes where the blood sugar is higher than normal sugar level but it is not super high that may be considered diabetes.

    Labitad said the worst case scenario of diabetes is its complications. First, it can affect the micro vascular organs.

    “Mabati nato nga naa’y mga tingling sensation, the blood vessels that nourishes the nerve sa atong lawas, kay na damage na because of diabetes (We feel the tingling sensation, the blood vessels that nourishes the nerve in our body has been damaged because of diabetes),” he said.

    Second, it can affect the eyesight called retinopathy. These are very tiny micro vascular, damaging this blood vessel or vascular system in the eyes ,which will lead to damage to the eyesight.

    “Naa’y uban diabetic, mabuta na, kay tungod sa diabetes (There are other people who get blind because of diabetes),” he said.

    Third, kidneys may be affected, called diabetic nephropathy. Kidneys may deteriorate because of complications of diabetes which can lead to kidney failure.

    Diabetes can be acquired through genes or through environmental factors. Labitad said one of the symptoms of a diabetic is persistent hunger.

    “When you are always hungry, it could mean you are diabetic,” Labitad said, thus, it is better to get checked in the nearest health station by a medical officer.

    Diabetes cannot be cured but there is treatment, he added.

    As to physical activity, he said, to avoid diabetes, good physical activity for at least 120 minutes a week or three days of vigorous exercise. This is to burn stored energy and reduce weight.

    Weight, he clarified is one of the risk factors for diabetes, those who are obese and overweight. (JMOR/PIA-10)


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