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    Revolutionizing Social Media ‘Meet Ushare Innovations’

    By: James Murillo Elaco

    In the ever-changing world of social media, a new company has emerged to challenge the status quo.

    Lori Boco is a remarkable person who has not only become the first Purple Diamond in US and Asia in Ushare but has also been named as one of its Board members.

    To understand Lori’s achievements, we need to delve into the world of DTSOCIALIZE, the holding company, and Ushare, the marketing company. These enterprises promise to change everything about how social media works and some special features that will make them different.

    Firstly, they boast MAIA, their very own artificial intelligence assistant. It is similar to Google’s voiceactivated virtual assistant, but it is more like an interactive friend, helping users on their way through the site.

    UupPro is another messaging service comparable to WhatsApp or other popular messengers that millions use every day. This allows people to interact with each other in a safe environment by sending messages and sharing stories among friends and family members.

    There’s Umetaworld, a kind of Facebook’s virtual world. Users can create themselves, or rather their avatars, virtually traveling across the web space by making friends and interacting from behind their screens.

    What makes this revolutionizing platform even more interesting is that it’s absolutely free! Yes, you heard me right – offering cutting-edge social media services practically for nothing compared to giants in this industry.

    DTSOCIALIZE and Ushare have set out some lofty objectives. They aim to become one of the top global market players in Big Data alongside Facebook, WhatsApp, or Google but with greater emphasis on personal data protection.

    This international project started in Italy but made London as their headquarters stretches towards the Philippines now. On April 9th, 2023 they made an acquisition of Ushare business on the Philippine Islands thus marking another important stage in their journey.

    And what makes this achievement even more enormous is the number of users that they managed to gather together during relatively short time – over a million users already! That speaks volumes about its attractiveness across various audiences.

    So, why should you give DTSOCIALIZE and Ushare a try? The first thing is that it’s free. In the world where many premium services are accompanied by high prices, this platform is rather a breath of fresh air as it opens access to advanced features of social media to everyone.

    Furthermore, they have a mission on privacy. In the age when concerns over data security and user privacy are increasing, DTSOCIALIZE and Ushare want to be different. You can therefore enjoy an awesome social media experience without jeopardizing your own personal details. (JME/MDN/OB)


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