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    Official statement from the band on “The Lord of Sudden Anger”

    “‘Lord of Sudden Anger’ ventures into the darker parts of human resentment and social exclusion. Starting off in a slow, contemplative mood that expresses the moments of calmness before an incoming storm, the antagonist/protagonist self-reflects and is directed towards the conclusion that his powerlessness is brought about by everything and everyone but himself. Therefore, to reclaim a perceived loss of potency, raw violence becomes the only obvious option. 

    The entry of heavy, distorted guitars then articulate the momentary feelings of empowerment fuelled by unearned self-righteousness only to be proceeded by another moment of calm as the individual recognizes that his body cannot sustain this excitation ad infinitum.

    Anger does not come out of a vacuum, What may appear as an irrational act becomes unaccountable to those who remain within the bounds of social propriety. In a limited sense, this very violence appears divine, a force emanating from a source beyond our sense of normalcy; its sudden outburst temporarily obfuscates years of repression and contempt as it is distributed unto unwilling participants. Anger and hatred quickly becomes a zero-sum game that devastates its bearer and everyone around it while simultaneously providing a certain shield of immunity to the distributor of this very divine violence even in the face of annihilation.

    Lord of Sudden Anger reminds us that these violent impulses lay dormant in the deepest recesses of the human condition and for others, it only takes one more push before they rear their ugly heads to the surface.”

    About Apebreeder
    For fans of hard rock music that harkens back to the hey day of grunge and alternative in the 90’s, Apebreeder – a hard rock trio from Bacolod City and Dumaguete City, Philippines formed in 2022 – is a must-listen.

    The band’s mantra speaks for itself – “we make music you’ve kinda heard before and haven’t”. The band’s music is heavily influenced by juggernauts such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Hum, and Pinback. On the other hand, listeners would be hard pressed to ignore the unique touch that the band adds to their music. Their music speaks volumes for people who are sick and tired of the industrial system and its consequences.

    Apebreeder will be releasing an EP called “Now I Hate Everything” in 2023 under Melt Records.



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