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    Filipino-Asian Fusion Resto Opens in Regatta Square

    By James Murillo Elaco

    CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY –  A new culinary gem to its vibrant food scene, Project A Restaurant nestles in the heart of Regatta Square, Pueblo IT Park, promising a unique dining experience with its innovative Filipino-Asian fusion cuisine.

    The project A’s name is derived from something heartfelt: the initials of all his children whose names all commence with letter ‘A’. With this point of personalization, a warm and friendly environment is set for patrons to embark on an unrivaled culinary voyage.

    Project A Restaurant’s signature dish: Eli’s Pancit, a flavorful noodle sensation, and peanut butter smoothie and latte, perfect for satisfying both sweet and savory cravings.

    The first distinct feature about this restaurant is its dynamic menu which changes every quarter to represent Asia’s different tastes. Ranging from fiery seasoning that typifies Thai dishes to mild scents associated with Japanese cookery, Project A has gathered a selection of foods that illustrate the rich culinary heritage of Asia meant to indulge their clients’ taste buds.

    Project A also provides additional services to enhance customer experience while dining. For instance there is free parking for up-to thirty vehicles hence making it easy for customers to drive into the place where they can find it stress-free. Additionally one may make a table reservation using Project A’s Facebook and Instagram pages where contacts are always given thus facilitating easy communication especially for tech-savvy individuals.

    Sip and savor perfection with Project A Restaurant’s exquisite coffee creations, brewed to elevate your dining experience to new heights.

    This is not only because it has free Wi-Fi for first hour but also because they offer an opportunity where guests can share snapshots of what they have ordered or enjoy streaming music. For those who want to hold special events like birthdays, Project A accommodates private functions ensuring each gathering remains unforgettable and customized.

    Their signature dishes include Eli’s Pancit, a mouth-watering noodle containing various flavors and peanut butter smoothie and latte which cater both sweet toothed and savory fans.

    Experience culinary magic at Project A Restaurant’s open kitchen, where transparency meets tantalizing flavors.

    One of the unique things about Project A Restaurant is its open kitchen concept, inviting diners to witness the culinary magic firsthand. Here, guests can watch the cooking process unfold and observe the meticulous cleanliness maintained in the preparation of each dish, fostering a sense of transparency and trust.

    Opening hours from 6 am to 12 midnight make Project A an ideal place for breakfast-loving early birds and as well as for night owls midnight snacks. (JME/OB)


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