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    Nurturing talent and leading innovation: Globe’s 917Ventures as premier tech workplace in PH

    In an era of rapid digital transformation, 917Ventures stands as a beacon of innovation, collaboration, and opportunity in the Philippine tech industry. As the country’s largest corporate venture builder, the company has become an employer of choice for both fresh and seasoned tech talents seeking to build their careers and contribute to uplifting Filipino lives.

    A defining feature of 917Ventures is its unique set of work principles known as the “917V Code” or 5 Cs, guiding the company’s commitment to investing in its people, forming the heart of its culture:

    • Collaborate – Encouraging cross-functional collaboration to drive innovation and shared purpose, with brainstorming sessions and open communication fostering an inclusive work environment where diverse ideas are welcomed.
    • Care – Emphasizing the well-being of its people with comprehensive benefits packages, mental health counseling sessions, and work-life harmony, demonstrating genuine care and recognition for individual growth and success. 917Ventures offers a comprehensive benefits packages, hybrid work arrangements, and healthy work-life balance, including a wellness program in collaboration with KonsultaMD, and perks such as V Rewards and FlexBen.
    • Connect – Fostering deep connections through meaningful communication and open dialogue, with an emphasis on aligned progress, diverse perspectives, and active listening. 917Ventures does this through daily stand-ups, one-on-one discussions and weekly cadences for brainstorming, performance checkups, career talks and even personal catchups. 
    • Coach – Empowering individuals through personalized training, mentorship opportunities, and professional development programs, offering avenues for growth within the organization and beyond. 917Ventures employees have access to top-notch industry resources, and team members are ensured that they remain at the forefront of their fields or their potential next path.
    • Celebrate – Embracing both successes and failures to foster camaraderie, resilience, and continuous growth, celebrating milestones and learning from setbacks. By promoting a culture of experimentation and test-and-learns, calculated risk-taking is encouraged. Failure is seen as a stepping stone to success. And when they do, 917Ventures celebrates through incentives, rewards, and recognition programs. As part of the Globe Group, 917Ventures employees also have the chance to be nominated and awarded Employee of the Year at the annual Globe Excellence Awards.

    As a key differentiator, 917Ventures boasts of a team of top talent, owing to its rigorous recruitment process designed to identify and attract individuals who demonstrate exceptional skills, diverse perspectives, and a passion for innovation. Through bringing together talent from diverse backgrounds, 917Ventures enhances its collective intelligence and fuels creative problem-solving that addresses the most nagging pain points that every Filipino faces on a daily basis. 

    “Investing in our people is a cornerstone of our business strategy. By attracting top talent, fostering collaboration, and nurturing a culture of innovation, we create an environment where our people can thrive and drive transformative growth for 917Ventures, the whole Globe Group, the Ayala ecosystem, and of course, the nation,” said Rase Eustaquio, 917Ventures Head of People.

    917Ventures prioritizes innovation through calculated risk-taking and experimentation, leveraging the power of collaboration and creativity to develop solutions that address everyday challenges faced by Filipinos. Recognition and rewards programs further motivate and inspire the talented workforce to strive for excellence.

    Backed by experienced leaders who came from the country’s top companies, 917Ventures offers quality mentorship to develop promising talent and future leaders. 

    917Ventures focuses on various digital industries, including fintech, e-commerce, edutech, digital health and more, to lead in building digital solutions that future-proof consumers and businesses. By living the 5Cs, 917Ventures sets itself apart as an industry leader where innovation, collaboration, and human-centric values reign.For professional and internship opportunities at 917Ventures, visit its Careers Page at https://917ventures.com/careers.



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