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    Globe implements new policies to move supply chain towards sustainable practices

    Leading digital solutions platform Globe recently enhanced its policies for its supply chain, encouraging vendors and suppliers to operate responsibly and integrate more sustainable practices.

    This move further underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable practices across all operational areas, thereby enhancing both business resilience and delivering environmental and social benefits. Globe’s comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) baselining study indicates that the company’s Scope 3 emissions, which mostly comes from its supply chain, accounts for roughly 80% of its total GHG emissions with 90% of the Scope 3 emissions coming from Purchased Goods & Services and Capital Goods.

    Globe’s recently released Sustainable Supply Chain Policy Commitment outlining a fresh approach to align with the values of corporate governance, sustainability, and inclusive growth. Globe will exercise enhanced supplier due diligence, selecting vendors based on a multifaceted assessment that scrutinizes their sustainability commitments, practices, and overall performance.

    “Globe’s new and updated policies reflect how throughout the many changes we undergo, our commitment to creating a Globe of Good remains firm,” said Jerry Cabiles, Vice President, Supply Chain at Globe. “We sincerely believe that our business growth should never come at the expense of the planet or its people. We, therefore, call on our supply chain to join us in this journey towards a sustainable future.”

    Under its strengthened policy, Globe is reinforcing the importance of the Supplier Code of Ethics (SCoE), expecting all accredited suppliers to adhere to it.

    The SCoE expects vendors to uphold international standards on human rights and labor rights and strictly prohibits corruption, extortion, and embezzlement, among others. It also calls  for them to participate in Globe’s journey towards Net Zero by monitoring and reducing their GHG emissions. It also encourages suppliers to increase circularity, minimize waste, and mitigate environmental risks and impacts.

    The company plans to increase awareness of suppliers on sustainability by conducting upskilling sessions moving forward.

    In keeping with its pledge to empower Philippine enterprises, Globe witnessed a 13% surge in its accreditation of local vendors in 2022. This led to a total engagement with 824 local suppliers, representing 85.65% of all suppliers. Furthermore, a significant 51.37% of the overall procurement budget was allocated to these local suppliers.

    Suppliers, employees, or third parties can raise compliance concerns or report suspected violations of the Supplier Code of Ethics and other company’s ethical standards through the Globe Whistleblower Network (GWeN) portal or via email to gtprocurement@globe.com.ph.

    To learn more about Globe, visit www.globe.com.ph.



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