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    Visit Watsons stores on October 28, 2021, because Japonesa is giving its best treat ever!

    Skincare might be one of our biggest concerns lately apart from our immune response and the upcoming elections (wink!), but what if we tell you that we already found that one single skincare step that will surely fend away your worries like acne breakouts, dry skin, and dark spots?

    Continue reading as we reveal that single step and the best treat that you can grab in selected Watsons stores in the entire region or via the Watsons Online App.

    Acne Breakouts versus Japonesa’s Lactoferrin

    If you have been suffering from Acne Breakouts, you have to look for a soap that has antibacterial properties and has the power to reduce inflammation. Thus, we came across Japonesa’s Lactoferrin and we asked their CEO & Cosmetic Scientist MJ Jamias how this wonderful ingredient helps in reducing acne breakouts: “Lactoferrin has something to do with skin health it nourishes our skin by enhancing the skin’s natural defense against bacteria, works as an anti-inflammatory regimen, and antioxidant, thus making it a powerful ingredient to save our skin from acne”.

    Aging Skin versus Japonesa’s Probiotics

    Our skinPH increases as we age, making it drier and allowing bad bacteria to harbor, that is why your skin requires a special ingredient to delay signs of aging, and this is in form of Probiotics and here’s what Jamias has to say “The powerful Probiotics inside every bar of Japonesa reduces age spots and fine lines by repairing stressed skin and stimulating skin renewal. Furthermore, Japonesa has Collagen that helps tighten the skin, making it look younger with continued use.”

    Dark Spots versus Japonesa’s Glutathione

    Glutathione is the most versatile Antioxidant, making it a requirement to achieve fair and brighter skin, but can this special ingredient reduce dark spots over your skin? We know we’re supposed to get her expert opinion and here it is: “Using Japonesa with potent Glutathione increases the skin’s production of melanin, that brightens the skin and minimizes dark spots.”

    Your major skincare worries are no match to one single step approach of Japonesa® Probiotic Soap, and to stop you from contemplating whether you’ll BUY NOW or buy later, we’re giving you a gift for every 3 bars of soap purchased in Watsons retail stores or online app.

    Catch us here: https://www.watsons.com.ph/natural-lightening-soap-120g/p/BP_50001836

    Hey, the freebie lasts until November 3, 2021!


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