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    Those were the days

    Time flew by. I think sitting in a jet plane. Almost December again. Wow!    

    Do you always count the days up to the next legal holidays without being on duty? Or do you start as early as September longing for Christmas?     

    Many times, we are really too much in a hurry while feeling uncomfortable if we noticed how time flies. We have no time for someone or something or even for ourselves.  

    When I was still a teenager, I was longing for the time being an adult already. Later, I enjoyed listening to my grandmother’s stories such as “Once upon a time” or “When I was young” from her “yesterday’s life”… .    .

    After a couple of years, especially while observing that time really flies like a racket to the moon, I also got the same question in mind: Are the present hours and days less valuable?    

    Of course, each day has its own set of happiness and trials. But it also holds very high possibilities of we take the initiative to do or to move something, if… !    

    The luring term IF let us look into the future with an over “glistening” eye: IF I will finish my studies, IF my children have become adults, IF I might become rich because I win in the lottery, yes IF? And then?    

    Why do I am getting so thoughtful or even sentimental? I got the great opportunity being invited by the City Mayor’s office thru City Administrator and good friend Attorney Lyca Lopez for the Pasko Fiesta sa Davao event with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra Manila, soloist Erik Santos and the Nightingales. The PPO under its conductors Yoshikazu Fukumura and Herminigildo Ranerda performed for the first time in Davao City. Erik Santos, the first grand champion of the ABS-CBN singing competition Star in a Million Season 1, touched all of us with his soulful voice.     

    And then, the Nightingales – a vocal duo featuring Bianca Camille Lopez and Ma. Rhina Paula Palma-Cruz, both former members of the Philippine Madrigal Singers.    

    While listening to all these amazing and unforgettable performances, I always got in mind: Those were the days. How time flew by. The concert last almost 2 1/2 hours.    

    The future prospects smile at us already. I was looking already for the 2019-calendar. Setting appointments for January and February. Amazing.  Is life in future easier, nicer, more charming and being more fulfilled compared to the present? The thoughts fill me with horror, because tragicomic future visions can easily blur away our present day.    

    Many of us retreat into the past and forget their present existence. A possible topsy-turvy world of a golden youth tries to let us forget that also the past have had its share of disappointments, pains, tears, darkness, tricky as well as desperate days… yes, lost days, irretrievable time… .    

    Without having achieved anything to do, we dream our impossible dreams from last to future and vice versus. We forget that between yesterday and tomorrow is our valuable present. Well, now well then – if we know just how to fulfill this period.

    Email: doringklaus@gmail.com or follow me in Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter or visit my www.germanexpatinthephilippines.blogspot.com or www.klausdoringsclassicalmusic.blogspot.com .


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