Iponan holds Suman Festival, Christmas rites

December 17, 2018


BARANGAY Iponan held a double celebration last Friday with the launch of its civic Christmas festivities twinned with Suman Festival.    

According to barangay chairman Maximo Allorin, there were 22 participants in the Suman Festival which has long been institutionalized since years past along with the Humba Festival which is celebrated separately each February.    

Allorin said the 22 participants consisted of zones, subdivisions, organizations, schools and the business sector in Iponan, Cagayan de Oro City.    

The criteria for judging is simple: palatability and presentation.    

By sunset,the giant Christmas tree in Iponan plaza was lit preceded with fireworks.    

Forty trees around the plaza were also decoratedly lit with Yule-themed designs. The contestants also consisted of zones, subdivisions, organizations and schools. Many of the businesses in Iponan also adopted their own trees but were not part of the tilt. The criteria for the Light A Tree were originality and uniqueness of recycling, indigenous theme, creativity and quality of design, craftsmanship and overall appeal and visual impact (both night and day).    

The annual Christmas caroling contest was also participated by zones, subdivisions, organizations, schools and the business sector. Criteria for judging were voice quality, creativity and originality and stage presence. Time duration is seven minutes presentation for each group.  

Hanging around the Iponan plaza each evening for the entirety of the Christmas season is indeed something to experience and enjoy serenely either for lovers, families or group of friends alike.



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