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Shining On: To bring the Look of Mindanao to the World

July 25, 2019

Kagay-anon Fashion Designer and Stylist Shine J. Casiño is going to the finals of another prestigious design competition this August, this time in Davao City. Habi Kadayawan, a fashion and design competition now on its 3rd iteration has opened itself to entries from other parts of Mindanao to showcase to open opportunities for designers across the island to showcase their ingenuity and their global ready fashion designs. A joint project of the Davao LGUs Kadayawan Executive Committee and the Davao Fashion and Design Council Foundation, Inc. (DFDCFI), Habi Kadawyawan 2019 will pay homage to the journey of Davao’s 11 migrant tribes across the diverse terrain of their ancestral homes in Mindanao to a newfound home in Davao City. “This will be an opportunity for designers to not only showcase their vision and be guaranteed with a start-up capital but also allow them to bring their vision to Manila FAME, the hallmark of Philippine Design Excellence, through the Manila Trade Expo Pavilion,” said Dodjie L. Batu, Chair, Organizing Committee for Habi Kadayawan 2019 and President, Davao Fashion and Design Council Foundation, Inc. Shine was informed last July 15 he had been chosen as a Finalist of the 2019 Habi Luxe Apparel Design Competition which would conclude with the  3rd Habi Kadayawan Design Competition Final Runway Event and Awarding Ceremony on August 9, 2019 at the Ayala Abreeza Mall Activity Center. “I’m looking forward to bring home the title,” said Shine. If he does, it will be only another milestone in a growing collection the Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental born and raised fashion stylist who started his career with a bang in 2000 when he made it to the semifinals of the Alliance Française de Manille (AFM) 2000 Filipino Art Design Competition. The AFM was founded in 1920 and is one of the most prominent foreign cultural institutions in the Philippines. A non-profit organization committed to promoting the French language and culture, It encourages friendly relations between the Filipinos and the French through educational and art programs. Out of 105 submissions nationwide, two of five Kagay-anon who submitted entries were accepted. Shine and his mentor, Melvin Lachica. Both made it to the top 30 as semi-finalists. ‘I was just a fresh graduate of International Studies from Xavier University after 8 yrs of shifting courses and had no previous design experience,” Shine admits. Although he did not make it to the finals, the competition opened doors for the novice designer as he was accepted as an understudy by the late Cesar Gaupo. Shine relates strongly to his mentor who, although only a high school graduate, rose to become a pioneer of local ready-to-wear apparel, making a name for himselfhaute couture, with his innovative designs and flamboyant colors. He became the head designer the Cesar Gaupo RTW line for SM Store fashion merchandising in the 70s, eventually rising as chief designer for the luxury lifestyle brand Shanghai Tang in Hong Kong in the mid-2000s where he designed their year-round collections, becoming only the third Filipino designers to head the creative design team of a foreign fashion house. Shine was mentored by Gaupo whom he met during the competition. He later came back to Cagayan de Oro and worked for three years with Melvin Lachica’sAtelier Lachica, getting his big break as head designer of Classic Style at Dolores (now Fernandez St.) doing casual, formal to business attires. Next Shine again traveled north to Manila as a designer for Boardwalk, the Filipino direct-selling lifestyle brand under head designer Avel Bacudio at the Tektite Towers in Ortigas  in the next two years before going overseas where he was recruited as a personal designer by a princess of Dubai’s Royal Family who learned about Shine from one of her sewers with whom he worked with in Manila. “I had to submit 30 design sketches a day from which she would choose, and these would be executed,” Shine said. “Although I was her sole designer, I was assisted by many sewers and cutters.” However, his ailing father constrained him to come home to Cagayan de Oro from where he later figured prominently in Look Magazine’s Look of Style Awardsnationwide fashion design contest. Organized by Look Magazine and Inquirer Lifestyle, the annual contest aims to provide young and upcoming fashion designers with a venue to express themselves and their visions through their individual three-piece collections. It also aims to help them get started in the clothes-making business In another fortuitous twist of fate, Shine learned of the competition when the organizers visited Cagayan de Oro to coordinate the event. He eventually made it as a Top 10 finalist among 75 entries from all over the country. Meantime, Shine remains on call for his clients who include prominent politicians, professionals and socialites from around Mindanao and Manila. So where does he get his ideas for his award winning creations? “Although I had no formal training in designing, I learned a lot from my unselfish mentors,  and I do a lot of research for each of my commissioned works,” said the quiet, unassuming and humble couturier, a pioneer member of Oro Fashion Designers Guild (OFDG), Regardless of what the outcome of his latest foray in design competition turns out, Shine is clear eyed on where he wants to bring his fashion ideas. “I wanna go global. I want to bring the Mindanao Look to the World,” he replies without hesitation. This would entail modernizing the Mindanao Look focusing on the colorful tapestry of Mindanao’s history and culture, he explains. Mix and match various elements of Mindanao’s various cultures one step at a time depending on his inspiration. Not only for materials, colors but also fashion accessories. For instance for this latest competition, he plans to make liberal use of the Mindanao Silk being produced in Laguindingan, Misamis Oriental. “Through my fashion ethic I want to highlight the History and Heritage of Mindanao Culture,” he notes. “I love of my city, my hometown Tagoloan, and I am proud of Mindanao’s culture, people and its colors.” Shine can be reached through his Facebook Page Dress Shop by Shine Casiño through this URL  or his mobile phone #0975-520-8100.

ECCP Holds Forum on Urban Gardening and Agri-Entrepreneurship

July 24, 2019

The European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines (ECCP) Northern Mindanao held a forum on Urban Gardening and Agriculture Entrepreneurship last July 19, 2019, with guest speaker and ECCP member Governor Loreto Leo S. Ocampos. Ocampos has been a farmer for over 30 years and owns Hoyohoy Organic Farm in Tangub, Misamis Occidental. He served as Vice Governor for 18 years in Misamis Occidental and elected Governor for 9 years.  Ocampos showcased his farm to demonstrate how Agriculture Entrepreneurship works and how to become a successful "agri-preneur". "Agriculture with no business, it will die, if a business does not have agriculture and science, it will die," the former governor said.  He shared tips on organic farming and livestock that triggered interest in participants through agriculture entrepreneurship.  Why Organic Farming? According to Ocampos, nature has offered bounty and beauty, why not make the most of out it and take care of its health and environment? Use natural and biological approaches to nurture the soil, crops, and farm animals. Farming is also a good option for retirement, as a sideline income, and can be enjoyed too.  The 7 M's of dealing with Agricultural Business. In this industry, other than hard work and perseverance, it is also important to have (1) a mindset or perspective; (2) know your target market; (3) invest or have enough money to start, (4) prepare the materials, (5) manpower, and (6) machines; and lastly, (7) learn basicmethods and techniques in farming or growing livestock. "Singularity and clarity of purpose" is the key to starting an agri-business or any form of business, Ocampos stressed.  With Urban Gardening, the former governors emphasized the individual’s creativity and follow the organic farming techniques to grow healthy and safe vegetables at home. “Always have a master plan before starting your own farm or pursuing organic farming business,” he said. It is also important to do “research or visit farms to learn different types of techniques.” ECCP. ECCP is a "bilateral foreign chamber that promotes European interests in the country and vice versa." They offer a strong business network between its members and clients by providing business matching, market briefings and research, access to business opportunities, and customized training solutions.    Services include partner search, market scanning, training programs, and events management. Part of the organization's mission is the continuous support and ties of their members and clients to conduct forums that focus on advocacies and business opportunities.  Becoming a Member of ECCP A brief introduction of what is ECCP and its membership offering was discussed by Ms. Mercedes Mejia, Managing Director of SLERS Foods, Inc. and the ECCP CDO/NM Business Council Chairman.  She mentioned that ECCP has established a network in five cities and provinces in the Philippines namely Manila, Cebu, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, and Clark. Started in 1978, right now there are about 800 corporate partners and premium members nationwide and around the globe.  In CDO, one of their associate members is CEPALCO, which was the venue partner for the forum, alongside Seda Centrio, Capitol University, A Brown Company, Inc., SLERS, Handmade Paper Crafts, Caurus Arion Trading Corporation, SPower Solutions, and Northern Mindanao Federation of Dairy Cooperatives.  Each member is covered by benefits that allow them to make connections with clients and other businesses, event participation, training and seminars, promotions and support, and trade fair participation.  For more information about the ECCP membership, events, and programs, contact Joanne Natindim, Branch Officer for CDO through email Feel free to visit their website at    Joan Merced Sullano-Sheng is a lifestyle and technology blogger, a social responsibility advocate, a photography practitioner, and freelance IT consultant. Follow and like her social media pages: Facebook:, Instagram: @jms_photoblog, and Blog URL:

CHALI Resort marks 25

July 23, 2019

“Quality Happens When You Care Enough to do Your Best.”- Ging Chaves   Cagayan de Oro’s Iconic CHALI Resort recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary, but it actually started 65 years ago when owner Dodong Chaves was 5 years old, as the first home-grown beach resort in Cagayan de Oro inspired by Jali Beach Resort of the Jalandonis in Cavite.      It boasted of a Japanese garden, putting green, and Talisay tree house with cottages for picnics, a couple of cottages and a basketball court.      Chali was named after the first syllables of Dong’s parents: his Dad-CHAves and Mom-LIM.      “Actually the story of Chali started way back in 1954 with my father Ernesto Chaves and my mother Lolita Lim, but it was only 25 years ago when my wife Ging and I started our dream to revive Chali with no grandiose plan, no feasibility study, no business plan but only our mere instincts and God’s providence. We just wanted to have a piece of paradise out of the small beach front property we have.”      Chali was operated by his parents until September 21, 1972 when Martial Law was declared. The property was leased to a third party who continued to use the name CHALI and operated it as a picnic place.      Meantime, Dodong, then a medical sales rep married bank employee Ging in 1976, and the couple took over CHALI in 1990 with a bank loan and reopened it in 1994 with the new Tres Marias Restaurant, two function rooms, swimming pool and five cottages.      “A cottage for us to rest, a pool to refresh, a horizon to gaze, and our Talisay Tree House for our children to play and enjoy,” was how Dodong described their simple plan.      In 1996 they opened their hotel but were hit hard by the Asian Financial Crisis of 1998 and it was touch-and-go for a while.      “We opened our doors to our friends, and soon the public. Seems we just slept one night and woke up 25 years with 4 kids, 5 grandchildren, 76 guest rooms and cottages and this grand ballroom and a strong community of 110 employees,” Dodong recalls.      Today CHALI has 16 cottages, 60 hotel rooms, seven function rooms, a catering service and new grand ballroom. Tres Marias is next online to undergo a renovation.      “I believe this commemoration is a reminder of God’s goodness and we can only sing praises of thanks for the 25 years of happiness and joy, 25 years of making dreams come true, and 25 years of unwavering faith of His Great Plans,” Ging said. “After all we are mere shepherds of God’s flock, willing and eager to simply serve and make him known, loved and honored.”      The couple cited their secrets for Chali’s success and longevity: the conjugal partnership of Dong and Ging, God’s Providence, and their children:      Vanessa “Vani” married to Benjamin Kelly based in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles with son Esen. Vanni owns an architectural outsourcing business The Redwagon Group (TRG) and Ben is into real estate.      John Ernesto “John” married to Lawyer Kristine Yuson, with two daughters Anna and Ally. John owns Cyber Club, Senio Foods and a coach and co-owner of Krossfit Cagayan in Nazareth.      Youngest daughter Angela “Angel” is married to Ted Pierre Jalad, and the couple owns their own restaurant Red Tail Shrimps.      Not the least, Ma. Theresa “Saz” married to lawyer Eduard Joseph Eullaran, and they have two kids Sienna and Mateo. Besides Chali Resort, Saz also manager their catering service The Cater Company, and  owns Ribs & Bibs Restaurant with partner Chef Rosie B. Peralta.      Saz has been at the helm of Chali for the last 17 years and launched Chali as “CHALI RESORT & CONFERENCE CENTER” with a new commercial and logo during the anniversary party.      “Let us be grateful to people who make us happy. They are charming gardeners who make our souls blossom,” Saz quoted during her brief thanksgiving talk.       “To our employees, know that this is also your night. You are terrifically tireless, exceptionally excellent, and abundantly appreciated. We are beyond words and we are so blessed to have each and every one of you as part of the Chali family.”      “To our valued guests, partners and colleagues in the industry, your support and trust all these years have been our inspiration to keep going. It was and still is a pleasure doing business with you. And being here tonight, giving us your time and presence, is indeed a wonderful anniversary gift.”      Dodong summed up the anniversary celebration in behalf of the family.      “Today we remember the seeds of our growth. The acquaintances that became life-long friendships. Like that Talisay tree by the beach, Chali just spread her branches, increased her girth, and strengthened her roots.”      “So it’s not just a corporate anniversary. It’s an anniversary of a family that grew strong, defying the odds.”      “Over our 25 year journey, we have been up and we have been down. Yet we have stood the test of time. We have lost and we have won. We had worries and we had celebrations. The best thing of all was that we have each other to rely on all the time.”

Xavier Ateneo: Nothing Final Yet on Proposed Main Campus Transfer to Manresa

July 22, 2019

Top officials of the Jesuit university in Cagayan de Oro clarified over the weekend that nothing has been set in stone about the planned transfer of its main campus to Uptown Cagayan de Oro. In a series of consultations with various stakeholders over the weekend, Xavier University (Ateneo de Cagayan) clarified that a number of requisites have to be complied with before the institution can proceed with detailed plans for the proposal. “Xavier University is governed by two systems of laws,” said Fr. Roberto C. Yap, S.J., Xavier Ateneo president during his presentation to the alumni last July 20. “As a Filipino non-stock, non-profit educational foundation, we are governed by Civil Law sanctioning our Board of Trustees as the final approving authority, and they have consented to proceed with the project.” “However, we are also governed by Canon Law and Jesuit Law as a Jesuit Institute of Learning so we require the permission of the Father General to proceed,” Yap noted. Rev. Fr. Arturo Sosa, S.J. as the Superior General of the Society of Jesus (the official title of the leader of the Society of Jesus, the Roman Catholic religious order better known as the Jesuits), is generally addressed as Father General. In a letter to Xavier Ateneo dated 26 March 2019, Sosa was positive about the project’s outlook. “In general, the plan seems reasonable, and some initial legwork has been done.  Thus, I would be open to this alienation and eventual transfer,” Sosa wrote. “However, given the magnitude of this undertaking, involving such an enormous amount of money, I ask that more in-depth and extensive discernment and consultation be done before approving this request.” “Dialogue with the faculty, staff, students, and parents of XU, and even representatives from the alumni would be important. Should serious questions be raised in this process, they should likewise be addressed. I would like to see that the objections and alternative solutions are sufficiently addressed,” Sosa added. “My hope is that this would make this project even stronger, with greater and more solid support from major stakeholders.” So far, XU has conducted consultations with parents of grade school, junior and senior high school students, college students and their leaders, faculty, deans and chairs, college alumni and had good discussions and sharing.  Most of the participants have emerged from the consultations, excited and enthusiastic about the proposed project. Another consultation was held Saturday afternoon with the College of Agriculture alumni (Aggies) focused more on the proposed transfer of the college to El Gaucho in Upper Puerto. Another is scheduled on July 22 with local and national government and civic leaders.  “The consultations aim to present the proposed project, raise concerns, address issues, and generate possible solutions,” Yap said. “The consultations will ensure a forward-looking and comprehensive master plan.” The President’s Council and XU Board of Trustees have been working to flesh out the master plan for its Campus of the Future during the past three years, primarily to examine how the university’s real estate assets could be used in the service of its vision and mission as a Jesuit educational institution. After considering several national real-estate players, the Board chose property developer Cebu Landmasters Inc. (CLI) as its partner in developing the proposals for this new campus project. CLI was recently recognized as the Best Developer in the Philippines by Property Guru Philippines Property Awards. However, Yap said the consultations only started this year since Xavier Ateneo has a  non-disclosure agreement with CLI. “We could not go around and discuss it publicly when it was still in the conceptual planning stage,” he explained. As a publicly listed company, CLI was mandated to disclose the proposed project to the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) this July when the stakeholders' consultations began.  CLI's disclosure immediately led to a social media buzz about the project’s possible impacts on the downtown campus, Manresa campus and the College of Agriculture. “This is not all for Xavier. Primarily it will be for Xavier’s Campus of the Future but we also have a commitment to the city,” Yap stressed. “XU is always in the service of Cagayan de Oro and this should lead to further infrastructure development which would uplift the city,” he added. XU is considering moving most of its operations out from its 6-hectare main campus near Plaza Divisoria to provide a better learning environment for its college students. The current campus is deemed congested; too noisy from outside traffic and from activities in the covered courts and football field; and at risk of flooding. The planned campus of the future in its Manresa Campus will feature well-designed school buildings and administration facilities catering to several academic and technical courses such as Agriculture, Arts & Sciences, Business & Management, Computer Studies, Education, Engineering, and Nursing. The campus will also be adaptable to future developments in academic disciplines and technological innovations. Main master plan elements include an abundance of open spaces and greeneries – a main plaza, interconnected courtyards, sports facilities, an amphitheater, and a University Forum which will incorporate a museum, theatre, and  gallery. The state-of-the-art Manresa Town Campus of the Future will provide innovative spaces for learning, pioneering research, artistic expression, whole-person formation and experiencing excellence. The new main campus will retain the 25-hectare forest reserve in Manresa. It will be near XU’s 12-hectare basic education campus at Pueblo de Oro, allowing integration of campuses for greater efficiency and modernization. The College of Agriculture facilities including its demonstration farms, workshops, field laboratories at Manresa are to be moved and upgraded to XU’s 104-hectare property in Bugo/Upper Puerto known as El Gaucho. To finance the construction of the new campus, the proposed Master Plan envisions the sale of around 14 of the 63-hectare Manresa property to CLI. CLI plans to develop a township project (working name Manresa Town) which will integrate complementary commercial, residential, office, and leisure uses. XU is also proposing to sell around 4 of its 6-hectare property in Divisoria that CLI plans to develop into downtown CDO’s Central Business District (working name Xavier City), with XU’s Church of the Immaculate Conception at its heart. “We are not leaving Divisoria,” Yap stressed. “Xavier Ateneo will continue to be present in downtown Divisoria with the University Church and a redesigned campus for the XU School of Medicine, College of Law and most of its graduate programs.” Should the new campus project be approved by the Jesuit authorities, it is expected to be developed over an 8- to 10- year period. The new campus is proposed to be named Masterson Campus in honor of the late Jesuit visionary Fr. William Masterson SJ who foresaw the potential of Manresa in the 1960s. This proposed master plan for a Campus of the Future is in line with the Jesuit university’s strategic plan to be the best university in Mindanao and among the best in the Philippines especially as Xavier Ateneo moves forward to celebrating its centennial in 2033, Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam. ∎  

Wake up with makeup

July 22, 2019

Wake up with makeupIndeed, Kilay is LIFE. Nowadays, each one has a chance to wakeup with makeup everyday through Aesthetica by Grace’s semipermanent makeup services & trainings. It is a beautiful thing when career & passion come together. She is in a beauty business industry since 2007 and it has become part of her joy beautifying other people.      AESTHETICA by Grace Trangia is situated along JV Seriña St. in Cagayan de Oro City for the past 3 years.       Owned and managed by a registered nurse Ms. Grace who is an aesthetician and a licensed IV therapist. Her degree & experience in the medical field is of a great bunos to safely beautify you.      Grace is a blood-borne pathogen US standard certified, an advanced teacher in microblading & PMU under Karabegovic Educational Center in Europe, a member of the Advanced Artists Worldwide Association of PMU and Microblading with masterclass colleagues from Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines & other countries.       She is also a Needleless Filler & fibroblast certified artist well trained in Vietnam under the Dr. Linh Academy.      She is adept in extreme natural look microblading, extreme permanent makeup (brows + eyeliner + lip tinting), advance microblading, MTS-Korean BB glow with blush, keratin lash lifting with mascara effect, eyelash lifting with mascara effect, eyelash extension and hyaluron filler training.      Aside from competing in permanent makeup tilts here and abroad, Grace was also an international beauty judge in the K-Beauty Competition in Malaysia earlier this year and a judge in the Master Beauty Awards in Vietnam also in 2019.      She was a gold awardee in the World Philbeauty PMU Conference & Competition held in the Philippines in 2019 and awarded third prize during the Thailand Microblading Championship in 2018.      It is with these credentials that Grace has established Aesthetica by Grace Trangia.      Aesthetica by Grace Trangia offers the following services: MTS – BB glow semi-permanent foundation, Korean BB glow with semi-permanent blush on, facials, skin peeling, extreme natural look microblading, 6D eyebrow embroidery with microshading, extreme combo brows, extreme powder brows, extreme ombre brows, eyelash enhancement, pixie eyeliner, classic eyeliner, advance lip tint with lip liner, advance lip blush with lip liner, semi-permanent lip liner, permanent lip tattoo with lip liner, permanent ombre/3D lip tattoo, eyelash extension, keratin lash lifting with mascara effect, painless permanent hair removal, underarm hair waxing, upper lip hair waxing, leg hair waxing, gluta cocktail drip, gluta IV push, gluta vials and capsules, eyelid lifting, eyebag tightening, wrinkle removal, stretchmarks removal, warts removal and sunspot removal.      Got you curious? Just contact her Grace Trangia: 0955-166-8774 IG/Fb page: Aesthetica by Grace Trangia Location: CEBU-CDO-ILIGAN-MANILA

Nonoy Estarte’s Solo Exhibit | Images of the Souls of Culture

July 21, 2019

Now showing at the Capitol University’s Art Gallery in its Museum of Three Culture is Nonoy Estarte’s solo exhibit Images of the Souls of Culture. Perhaps no other single artist has exerted so great an influence in the development and growth of visual arts in Cagayan de Oro as Pennessencio “Nonoy” Estarte, a self-taught artist originally from Malangas, Zamboanga Sibugay.       Noted Capitol University President Atty Casimiro Juarez, Jr. in his opening remarks during the exhibits June 21st opening:  “We want to acknowledge with gratitude the efforts of this beautiful person Nonoy, a friend of Dr. Fe Juarez and myself, and of Capitol University. Because of our friendship, we have learned to appreciate art more because of Nonoy, especially his kind of art which tends towards religion.”      “Art is the only platform I know, where my ideas, vision, creativity and dreams are substantially expressed,” the artist said during opening.      “The exhibit is not intended for argument, strict critical discourse, but is an art form the heart to the heart. I always love to see simple people, street kids, Lumads that appreciate my art. I want to see young students understand and value my art. I wish my art becomes an instrument for formation and transformation.”      Nonoy was instrumental in the creation of programs for artists in Cagayan de Oro, foremost of which was the Oro Art Guild.  He also helped organize the Xavier University Circulo de Arte for students.       Today, the visual arts is thriving not only in the city but its peripheries with new artists groups sprouting every now and anon, thanks largely to Nonoy’s efforts in promoting visual arts in nascent artists who became the seeds that spread his gospel to the four corners of the region.      During his formative years, Nonoy was greatly influenced by a grade school teacher and further exposed to love art by an American Peace Corps Volunteer artist.       In 1978, the late Fr. Frank Demetrio, S.J. took Nonoy under his wing as the resident artist of the Museo de Oro. Later, he became the Assistant Curator on files and records and eventually Assistant Museum Curator.      During his long years of service in the museum, he immersed himself with the indigenous peoples of Mindanao like the Talaandig and Manobo.      “This exhibit is a collection of illustrations during my long years of service to the university of Xavier to the present. Since then, folklore, history, environmentally indigenous communities became my passion.”      “For 30 years in XU I had a great opportunity to work, interact with great people, like the late Fr. Francisco Demetrio, Dr. Erlinda Burton and John Burton, Tony and Joy Enriquez, and Lovenia Naces, and many others.”      Fr Demetrio frequently sent him to attend conferences, workshops and lectures on Museum Development Projects, Art and other Museum Educational Programs.      The artist has joined several group exhibitions locally and had some solo exhibits in Xavier University.       His Manobo Epic Paintings were selected as part of the Philippine exhibition in Munich, Germany and Delf Museum in the Netherlands in 1987.      “I was able to visit the far mountains in San Fernando, Lantapan, Bukidnon and Lapuyan, Zamboanga del Sur.  What did I do there? I witnessed various rituals, weddings, datuship rituals and peace ritual. I came to know better these ethno linguistic groups like Manobo, Higaonon, Talaandig, Matigsalog, Maranao, Maguindanao and Subanon. It was a great immersion in culture.”      “Two of the personalities in my exhibit I came to know personally: the late Datu Kinulintang, Supreme Datu of the Talaandig; Datu Vic Saway, his son; Nanay Igbi, a Subanon Bae and musician.”       Five years ago, he retired and currently runs the Estellar Art Space and Mini Library for artistically inclined youths at Xavier Heights in Uptown Cagayan de Oro.       Together with Lovella Maria Naces and Ghela Simon, Nonoy helped set up the social enterprise Tao Tao Souvenirs which promotes the culture of the region’s indigenous peoples through souvenirs.      “I was inspired by Dr. Burton who was very passionate about promotion and preservation of the IP culture and tradition. I saw that our knowledge about our own culture is on the verge of being forgotten,” Lovella recalls.      She approached Nonoy with the idea of a social enterprise would teach the world about the Philippine indigenous communities through souvenirs. “Sir Nonoy was happy because he also shared the same advocacy of promoting and preserving IP culture.”       Together with DepEd teacher Ghela Simon, the three cofounded Tao Tao Souvenirs. Lovella noted how Nonoy’s experience in the museum was a key to designing the product used by the community for the production of the souvenirs.      Despite his long years as an artist, Nonoy only had one other exhibit outside XU in Ateneo de Zamboanga where his paintings on the Subanon epic were exhibited with bosom friend Nic Aca.       “Allow me to thank the Big Guys behind this exhibit. Chief Curator Chris Curator, assisted by Nic Aca, our business manager Lovenia Naces Eduave, Boyet Ramoso, Edgar Daginotas and the Juarez family,” the artist said.      Atty. Juarez ended his brief talk with a quote from the Lebanese-American artist, poet, and philosopher Kahlil Gibran masterpiece, The Prophet:      “You give but little when you give of our possessions.      It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”      “Noy, you give so much of yourself and we could never thank you enough,” he concluded.      Nonoy Estarte’s Solo Exhibit, “Images of the Souls of Culture” runs from June 21 to July 16, 2019 at the CU Art Gallery of Capitol University’s Museum of 3 Cultures. It is brought to you by Estellar Art Space and Mini Library, Museum of Three Cultures and Tao Tao Souvenirs Cagayan de Oro City. (With Chris Gomez)


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