Stay Fit at Home with DTA, the Dynamic Training Approach

By Coach Noel Villa
May 4, 2020


COVID-19 pandemic has definitely changed the way we live and do things. With the implementation of strict measures to contain the spread of the virus, our daily routine is now centered on the “new normal” which includes proper and frequent hand washing, wearing of face mask, staying at or working from home and physical distancing, among others.

    Unless a vaccine for COVID-19 is developed and no new virus will infect mankind in pandemic proportions, this new normal will stay and all we can do at the least is to adjust, adapt and work around it.
    Along with adapting to this new normal, we need to continue doing regular self-care to cushion the potential negative effects to our physical, emotional and psychological well-being.
    One of the best ways to do this is to boost our immune system by eating healthy foods, drinking lots of water, getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep and doing regular exercise or physical activity. 
    There are myriad ways to get fit without the need to go to the gym so long as we don’t invent excuses to avoid exercising even when we have plenty of time spent at home.
    To prove this, I developed some exercise programs using household items available to everyone: hand and kitchen towels.
    In my new YouTube channel called Dynamic Training Approach DTA, I have uploaded a Towel Exercise series to teach his viewers easy to follow exercises using a hand towel and two kitchen towels.
    I also shared a video on how to make your own exercise equipment, a DIY Towel Ball, which can be used as a substitute for regular gym equipment. Definitely no reason not to get fit despite being stuck at home!
    I came up with this idea because some people are having a hard time to exercise without access to a gym or gym equipment, while some just don’t know how to start or continue their physical fitness activities due to the pandemic restrictions. 
    By subscribing for free to my YouTube channel, you can access simple and doable exercises that can be done using available tools or equipment within the comfort of your own home. I can also develop exercise programs for individual needs and provide personal training services via zoom or messenger if required by the subscriber. This way, I can continue helping people get fit and stay healthy to get through the new normal.
    I have partnered with Odyssey Airport Express to help provide free shuttle service to Cagayan de Oro frontliners. For only P500.00, you can get free online consultation, two programs that you can do for the next 4 weeks plus 2 personal training sessions. 50% of the proceeds shall be donated to the free transportation program of Odyssey so our frontliners will not worry about getting to work and going home while the city is under general community quarantine.
    I have done numerous fundraisers in the past which include a blood-drive, food, school supplies and book donations, including CSR activities through sports. I can’t pass up this opportunity to help our frontliners, through Odyssey Airport Express, using a platform for which I am passionate with, which is fitness. I hope that through this program, I can inspire others to be physically fit at home while helping our frontliners who do not have a choice but to go out and fight the virus for us. It’s a win-win scenario.”
    Here’s the link to SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube channel and access free workout programs:
    To participate in the Free Shuttle Service for frontliners, please LIKE and send a message to my Facebook Page:
    Special mention of thanks to Rea Liza Reyes, Raimi Yusof of Borneo Eagles RFC/Sandakan RFU, Eng. Rosello Bagundol, Teacher Val Cabigting of Happy Piano, Patrick Valor Rivera of Valor Training Center/USMF, Edna Mendoza & Miguel Villena. 
    (Coach Noel Villa is a UK-trained Personal Trainer based in Cagayan de Oro).



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