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    JE  Hydro breaks ground for Iligan City Level-III Potable Water Supply Project.

    Northern Mindanao’s leading independent water firm continues to press forward with its advocacy to ensure potable water is a fundamental human right accessible to all.

    On June 18, JE Hydro and Bio-Energy Corporation (JE Hydro) broke ground for a 5MLD water treatment plant (WTP)  in Barangay San Roque, which will process raw water from the Mandulog River into potable water for the Level-III Potable Water Supply project.

    “The project aims to supply ready-to-drink potable water sourced from the Mandulog River from its water treatment plant to the northern barangays of Iligan City : San Roque, Sta Filomena, Acmac, Dalipuga and Kiwalan, all of which currently lack an adequate and reliable potable water supply,” said Peachy G. Hapitan, JE Hydro President & CEO.

    Total cost of the project is about P500 Million, to be funded by the Land Bank of the Philippines. A video of the project can be viewed at here.

    JE Hydro is expected to start the supply of potable water to 10,000 households in Iligan City by April 2025 and additional 10,000 households by end of 2025.

    In his social media page, Iligan City Mayor Frederick Siao expressed his thanks for JE Hydro’s initiative, hailing it as the first and biggest private investor in Iligan.

    “Subay sa pagsulod sa mga dagkong malls ug investors sa atong industriya, anaa sab ang panginahanglanon nga matagaan sila og saktong supply sa tubig. Maong dako akong kalipay nga anaa nay katimbang ang LGU sa pag-provide niini nga necessity” (With the entry of big malls and industrial investors, comes the need for a reliable water supply. I am glad our LGU  has a partner who can provide  this necessity), the chief executive noted.

     Siao admitted that while Iligan City  has plentiful water resources, it is still having issues in distribution due to old pipes and high water pressure. He hailed JE Hydro’s entry as timely while the LGU continues to repair its distribution and transmission pipes.

    The Iligan Investment Promotion Center (IIPC) is optimistic a reliable and safe potable water supply will attract even more investors to the City. Although the LGU-owned Iligan City Waterworks System (ICWS) remains the city’s main supplier of potable water, it is undertaking a modernization and expansion program which includes the entry of water suppliers as investors.

    Brief Profile of JE Hydro

    Vital to the success of any water project is the sustainability of raw water supply, and the efficiency of its water distribution system.

    JE Hydro and Bio-Energy Corporation (JE Hydro), is fully committed to work with governments and private entities to provide potable water especially to water problematic areas all over the country.

    “With our highly-skilled experts and engineers, we have conducted similar studies in various provinces and municipalities. The most recent and still ongoing is for the Municipalities of Cordon, Ramon, San Mateo and City of Santiago in Isabela Province,” said Engr. Joffrey E. Hapitan, JE Hydro Founder and Chairman. To date, JE Hydro has completed 16 water supply projects across the Philippines, with four more under construction.

    “Our methodology employs the latest state-of-the-art technology in water resources engineering and hydrological studies, pipeline and ortho-mapping surveys, pipe network hydraulic modelling and analyses, detailed engineering design, and proven home-grown water treatment process for the production of potable water that meets the standards of the 2017 Philippine National Standards for Drinking Water (PNSDW),” he added.


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