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    J2J Street Café and Restaurant creates Filipino-Italian Pasta Fusion Menu

    J2J Street Café and Restaurant creates Filipino-Italian Pasta Fusion Menu

    There’s a new eatery at the corner of Velez and Hayes streets in Cagayan de Oro that’s serving an

    interesting concept of a Filipino-Italian Pasta Fusion menu.

    “J2J started with a concept of creating a store that will cater lunch meal boxes serving both Filipino and Italian dishes,” said Jeigs Pakino, one of the dynamic J2J duo. the other J being his partner Edgardo Quiampano Jr.

    The Filipino side of the J2J trademark was inspired by the home-made Pancit Canton made from the

    same recipe Jeigs mom used to serve during social occasions at home, thus his personal sentimental


    On the other hand, their Pomodoro is a tomato-based spaghetti inspired by a recipe from an Italian

    restaurant where the other J used to work in.

    “We started a very small store along corner Hayes-Velez streets at the ground floor of the historic Casa del Chino Ygua building about 6 years ago,” Jeigs recalls.

    When the original store prospered, they renamed it EduardoDiego due to the pressing need to brand their Italian menu’s increasing popularity.

    However, like many restaurants in the city and around the world, the blossoming enterprise was hit hard by the lockdowns called for by the coronavirus pandemic and remained in limbo, until a chance encounter Jeigs had with Amadeo V. Neri, the building owner of their new venue.

    “I was visioning that Sir Neri’s place is a good venue to house J2J, and fortuitously about in the middle of November, Sir Neri happened to be standing in front of his building and I asked him about his place. We discussed casually and I expressed to him that I’ve been eyeing his place for years since the last tenant moved out.

    A deal was struck and the new J2J Street Café and Restaurant opened at an auspicious date last December 8th , it being the Feast of the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    “We had our soft opening last Dec.8, creating a classic vintage look of the interiors, reflecting our

    Filipino-Italian Pasta Fusion concept menu,” Jeigs related.

    J2J aims to cater to exclusive parties in its mezzanine area, and serve its signature plated meals with their tagline #TasteofCulture., redefining Filipino-European-American Food evolution.

    “We serve our signature Pancit Chicken Rice Meals, Spaghetti Chicken Meal Italiana, New Yorker

    Sausage Pizza, Ham & Cheese, along with regular servings of our Pancit and Classic Spaghetti, pan grilled pork chops and our signature Chicken Italiana.”

    The newest item on their menu is their #pizzamixed for only P399, a 9-inch pizza with side dishes of

    chicken wings cuts, potato wedges, and Italian Flakes that’s good for 2-3 persons.

    J2J Street Café and Restaurant is located at the Mezzanine floor of the Milagros Bldg., Archbishop

    Santiago Hayes SJ corner Apolinar Velez Sts., Cagayan de Oro City. For more details visit their socmed

    page J2J Fastfood and Café or call tel. nos. 0936-437-9131 or 0935-151-4868.


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