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    Ensuring the Participation of Environmental Human Rights Defenders to Achieve the SDGs towards Development Justice

    Environmental human rights defenders (EHRDs) are being attacked despite protecting our world’s ecosystems. What’s happening on the ground and what can we do? Join us on March 31 and work together in achieving development justice!

    This discussion aims to:

    1. Share the barriers of EHRDs in the Asia Pacific region under the COVID-19 pandemic in achieving development justice with particular focus on violations on environmental and civil-political human rights

    2. Share the best practices of EHRDs in working towards SDG 5, 14 and 15 in the framework of development justice

    3. Draw recommendations for the CSOs and other stakeholders to address challenges in achieving development justice

    Topics to be discussed in the webinar

    • Sharing of barriers of EHRDs in doing their work related to the SDGs

    • Importance of access to justice to address human rights violations on EHRDs

    • Sharing of best practices of EHRDs in working towards development justice

    • Presentation of the recommendations from the first Asia Pacific EHRD Forum

    About the organizers

    Formed in 2018, the Asia Pacific Network of Environmental Defenders (APNED) is composed of individuals, civil society organizations, non-government organizations, grassroots and people’s organizations that seeks to uphold human rights related to the environment. This includes ensuring an enabling environment for environmental defenders to do their work and protecting their civil and political rights. It is a solidarity campaign network that aims to launch coordinated campaigns, encourage greater solidarity, and raise the local and national concerns of environmental defenders in different international policy spaces, and to increase the capacity of environmental defenders in the region. 

    The International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) is a global network of Indigenous Peoples rights activists, advocates, and organizations committed to advancing the rights of Indigenous Peoples to self-determination, land and life. IPMSDL stands for the right of Indigenous Peoples to govern themselves free from imperialism, state oppression, and human rights violations. IPMSDL also works for the empowerment of Indigenous Peoples, and for the victory of the people’s will over the powers-that-be while recognizing the legitimacy of the different forms of struggle and self-determination that Indigenous Peoples opt to employ.


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