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    Drawing a better future: Kwentoon joins Globe’s Hapag Movement to boost local talent and combat hunger

    In a unique blend of art and social awareness, Kwentoon, a Philippine start-up connecting young audiences to thoughtfully selected visual content, has teamed up with the Hapag Movement to help address involuntary hunger.

    As part of this advocacy, 10% of every ticket sold at the recently held Kwentoon Festival 2023 will be donated to the Globe-led movement, a social initiative aimed at eradicating involuntary hunger through supplemental feeding and livelihood training for struggling Filipinos.

    Kwentoon Festival 2023 was held at SM Megatrade Hall 3, with over 150 exhibitors and artists and a total 1,439 visitors. The event showcased a range of activities, including workshops, talks, and the Mango Boot Camp Graduation in partnership with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines. One of the event’s highlights was the Philippine Children’s Content Awards, which aims to recognize the creativity and originality of Filipino comic artists, or the so called “kwentoons.”

    The Kwentoon Manga Boot Camp graduates with their mentors, Elmer Damaso, James Atillo, and Tepai Pascual, and along with IPOPHIL Officials Atty. Jay Bayaras, Jun Briola, Gabriel Fernandez, and Tinie Baoy.

    “We are excited to be part of the Hapag Movement, not only to promote homegrown talent but to also address pressing societal concerns,” said Isa Songco, Kwentoon Co-Founder.

    She added: “Filipino artists are actually very good but unfortunately a lot of them get outsourced by firms overseas. That is why when it comes to animation or manga, there is not a lot of intellectual property from the Philippines. So our progression is actually delayed in comparison to our neighboring countries. Recognizing the imperative for local job creation, we hold the Hapag Movement dear to our hearts. This initiative not only fights hunger but also creates a wealth of opportunities for our fellow Filipinos.”

    Yoly Crisanto, Globe Group Chief Sustainability and Corporate Communications Officer, thanked Kwentoon for its support as she cited the community’s unique opportunity to use art as a way to raise awareness about social issues, particularly hunger.

    “Art has the ability to evoke empathy and compassion like no other medium can. We are grateful to have Kwentoon as a partner in the Hapag Movement and to have on board visual storytellers who can draw attention to the problem of involuntary hunger through art,” Crisanto said.

    Established in 2020, Kwentoon aims to inspire and equip local artists to create kid-friendly visual narratives. It connects young audiences to curated content that promotes the values of love of country and family, camaraderie, and hope.

    The collaboration between Globe and Kwentoon is a testament to the power of innovative alliances that not only enrich local artistry but also address pertinent societal challenges. The partnership further resonates with the growing need for the comic and manga communities to become more socially conscious and drive changes that have a profound impact on society.

    To learn more about Globe, visit https://www.globe.com.ph/.



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