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    Daltan’s Kambingan Opens Restaurant and Hotel in Bulua

    Yesterday, December 08, the doors of the newest Daltan’s Kambingan opened to Kagay-anons. Located along Bulua Highway (beside Vjandep), this latest branch of the newest kambingan is different because it’s not only a venue where you and your loved ones can dine but it’s also where you can stop and rest and relax after a tiring day on the road, or if you need a safe and comfortable place for the night.

    Daltan’s Kambingan Restaurant is now Daltan’s Kambingan Suites as the owner, Mr. Henry Chua, also opened the perfect retreat for transients and anyone else looking for a good night’s sleep – A&S Suites. It’s the perfect combination – after a tiring trip, you can check into the A&S, freshen up, and relax for a while. Then you can go down and enjoy a delightful feast of different “kambingan” dishes. You don’t have to go anywhere because you have everything that you need in one building!

    What’s Inside?

    The new Daltan’s Kambingan has bright, eye-pleasing interiors. The red sofa-like chairs look and feel comfortable. And on the wall, you’ll find several artwork featuring goats. They make the place look cozy and airy, perfect for when you’ve had a rough day at work or want to just enjoy a good meal.

    There is also a small function room that can accommodate around ten people. It’s ideal for intimate gatherings and meetings, or for families that want to feast on Daltan’s specialties privately. The room comes with an affordable rate.

    A&S Suites, on the other hand, has three floors and a total of 24 rooms that come with basic amenities. The rooms are just the right size but have good air conditioning, a clean toilet & bath, and TV. Best of all, it has spacious and comfortable beds, which is what transients and travellers really need.

    The top floor of the building will be developed as a rooftop venue for events and special celebrations.

    The Food

    Just like all other Daltan’s Kambingan branches, the Bulua restaurant offers the best goat dishes – food that Kagay-anons have been enjoying for years. Various kambingan specialties such as papaitan kambing, kalderetang kambing, kilawin na kambing, halang-halang, sinigang kambing, adobo kambing, and their famous ulo set kambing.

    Their chicken inasal, which is served with two cups of rice, is one dish you should try out because of its taste and size. If you prefer seafood over goat, Daltan’s has adobo shrimp, battered shrimp, sinigang na hipon, buntot, and panga (so delicious!). And their prices are very affordable, you and your family can dine in there regularly, even once a week!

    So, if you want to feast on all the kambing dishes you can have, bring your family, friends, or loved ones to Daltan’s Kambingan in Bulua. You can also order their mouthwatering dishes and have them picked up or delivered via Maxim. The restaurant is open from 7am to 10pm. For your inquiries, bookings, and orders, text or call 0915-613 1296.

    If you are travelling on the road or need to catch an early flight in Laguindingan, book a room and relax at A&S Suites. You’re sure to have a restful night; you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go on the road and travel again.


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