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    ACCESS MCLE Takes Fresh, Strong Start to 8th Compliance Period

    The Seventh Compliance Period for Mandatory Continuing Legal Education (MCLE) folded up on April 14, 2023 (it was supposed to end in April 14, 2022 but was extended for a year). So far, it was inarguably the most interesting since MCLE compliance periods commenced in April 2001.

    The four-year extended period, which began on April 15, 2019, marked the start of online MCLE on February 5, 2020 after the sector, led by ACCESS MCLE finally convinced the Supreme Court to allow virtual completion of programs in 2019. Several days after, strict lockdowns due to the historic Covid-19 pandemic were implemented, making the move very timely.

    For its part, ACCESS MCLE pioneered and set the standards in online instructions for its MCLE programs amid the challenging times. It introduced the synchronous online class setup and the asynchronous online on-demand option, which has become a gold standard in the industry.

    As the Eighth Compliance Period commences, ACCESS MCLE is determined to keep raising the bar to provide the best and most convenient MCLE programs available to Filipino lawyers.

    “We commit to continue offering and facilitating interesting courses with thought-provoking topics that could spark productive discourse,” says ACCESS MCLE Co-Founder Atty. Ma. Louella M. Aranas. “At the same time, ACCESS MCLE is continuously improving all aspects of program design and delivery. We always level up.”

    Learning options

    Video-on-demand was logically the more popular mode of online learning during the height of the pandemic. ACCESS has infused interesting animations and gamifications to further make the recorded lectures more fun and engaging. But now that things have returned to normal, ACCESS MCLE is offering other learning setup options for learners, catering to various preferences for the rest of the Eighth Compliance Period.

    Aside from the asynchronous or online on demand setup, learners can also opt for synchronous or online classroom setup (real-time via Zoom). The learning center has recently introduced the Flexi-Synch mode, which makes specific MCLE courses available all year round. Thus, if a learner misses a lesson, that exact topic will be offered on the same day and time on the following month/s.

    Of course, the traditional classroom learning setup is making a comeback. It could be logically popular for those who have been missing physical interaction with lecturers and co-learners.

    Additional courses and lecturers

    ACCESS MCLE is offering new courses that are yet to be offered by other MCLE centers. “In ACCESS, our topics are curated and unique, and are written by our lecturers specifically for our learners,” says Atty. Aranas.

    New interesting courses available include Exploring the Right to Have a Good and Dignified Death, Custom Implication on Related Party Transactions, Civil Law Updates on Jurisprudence (2018-2021), Why You Should Spend Everything During Your Lifetime, How to Present Digital Evidence, Foreign Divorce and the Filipino, and The Ultimate Crammer’s Guide to Surviving Litigation.

    ACCESS MCLE is also welcoming new lecturers to its growing roster of legal luminaries. Among those are Atty. Karlo Alexei Nograles (current Chairperson of the Civil Service Commission) and Atty. Joan de Venecia-Fabul (First Vice President – Legal Practice at PLDT).

    “We are kicking off the Eighth Compliance Period with much excitement and with a strong commitment to continue making our fellow lawyers realize that MCLE is worthwhile and necessary, now more than ever,” Atty. Aranas concludes.

    To learn more about ACCESS MCLE and its programs, visit https://accessonline.ph/.


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