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    A German Expat in The Philippines | WITH BEETHOVEN UNDER PALMS (XX) | Chapter XX: We all pack our things! Goodbye Germany!

    It did not last long. Rossana agreed. We set up an appointment with the then Philippine Vice Consul Armando L. Comia in the Philippine Embassy Berlin. He looked amazed at us  – at me specially.

    We could get on very  personally through many events in the Filipino Community in Berlin. Then his secretary gave us a list. 18 requirements on how to apply for a Non-Quota-Visa Section 13 (G) of the Philippine Immigration Act. 

    Yes, my decision was firm. I wanted to immigrate to the Philippines with my wife and, of course, with my mother too, forever. Eighteen requirements – I took a deep breath. Rossana too. My mother, well, several months later, too.

    Fact is, our subsequent stays in the Philippines made her feel very much at home. Rossana’s family had no doubt that sooner or later, we would settle here in the Philippines. Me too. Rossana too.

    Our coming and numerous trips to the Philippines each together with my mother followed. Meanwhile she became 73. “You don’t transplant an old tree!” Many of our old acquaintances and friends in the place where I was born tried to intervene against our plan. “Where else do I have family?” my mother asked.

    Back in Berlin, we went on many trips. Poland, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland. I was a really passionate driver without speed limit on German highways (Autobahn). Sometimes, my car and I reached 200 kilometers per hour. But my thoughts stayed in the Philippines. A never-ending journey of my  mind. In Germany, Rossana and I had a steady and well-paid job. My mother was already a lucky retiree. 

    The construction work for our new house in the Philippines has begun. Who lives where? Where is my bathroom? Where is the kitchen? How does our furniture fit where? Ask about questions?  In the meantime, Rossana and I tried to answer all the questions the Philippine Embassy Berlin gave us for the emigration.

    I tried to capture more and more reports on camera about the Philippines for Germany, But somehow, I already lived here.

    On October 30, 1998 our non-quota visa was issued and signed by Vice Consul Armando L. Comia. Our households were packed in two containers. A 40-foot and a 20-foot container. Christa, our special friend, gave us shelter in her apartment for the last few days. Meanwhile, she worked at the Australian Embassy. 

    Goodbye Germany. We left a lot behind. No mention of any details. Many things awaited us. Good and bad, But my life as an expat in the Philippines started now. Ludwig van Beethoven was with me. And some others too. Should my trip around the world come to an end? Maybe. But with which amazing consequences?

    (To be continued)


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